What We Do
At Zeal Care, we believe in customized solutions for hiring domestic
helpers for each families.
Highest Standards
To ensure high quality, we personally interview and assess each maid to match their skills with your family's unique needs.
We Understand What You Need
Understanding your family's caregiving needs and requirements, we personally interview and assess each helper to shortlist suitable candidates based on their skills and talents. This enables us to recommend a maid from our team who best fits your family's needs.
Maid Hostel
Our approved Maid Hostel in central Singapore ensures the well-being and safety of your helpers during their stay. Equipped with essential amenities, including a dining and pantry hall, our hostel provides clean rooms, beds, and linens for a comfortable and rejuvenating stay before starting their employment.
Our Own Transport Fleet
With our dedicated transport fleet, we handle all the necessary coordination and arrangements for newly arrived helpers. Our drivers are experienced in navigating Singapore to transport helpers to clients' homes, Embassies, airports, medical centers, and government offices. Rest assured, our team works tirelessly to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process for our clients.
Complimentary Training
Before your helper's arrival in Singapore, we provide complimentary services to ensure a smooth integration process. These include a mindset integration course to familiarize your helper with Singapore's culture, basic housework training, and an introduction to local domestic home care needs. Our aim is to help your helper adapt quickly and effectively to her new environment.
Ongoing Support
We provide ongoing support and training to help your helper adapt to changes in your home care needs.
Successful employment relationship
With our extensive experience in the industry, we have successfully placed a large number of foreign domestic workers to meet the needs of the local community. Our focus goes beyond just matching employers with helpers - we prioritize counseling and support to foster a strong and lasting working relationship between both parties.
Discover the perfect Maid for your family's needs
A capable domestic Maid who comprehends and satisfies your caregiving requirements can have a transformative
impact. Entrust us with making your search effortless and devoid of stress. Initiate your inquiry today and allow us to
assist you in finding the perfect domestic Maid who will make a significant difference for your family.