Streamline your hiring journey and simplify the process
Make your Hiring Journey Simple
Discover a domestic Maid exclusively devoted to your needs

Our process commences with a thorough understanding of your family's caregiving needs, followed by the careful selection of domestic helpers who can offer tailored support.

To ensure a seamless assimilation into Singapore's culture and a comprehensive understanding of your home care requirements, all our maids undergo an integration course, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and insights.

Select from a diverse range of maids from different nationalities
Filipino Maids Filipino Maids
Filipino maids are highly sought after by employers due to their strong communication skills in English. Their ability to effectively communicate makes them a preferred choice for many Singaporean families.
Myanmar Maids Myanmar Maids
With their pleasant demeanor and eagerness to learn, Myanmar maids are favored by numerous Singaporean families. Their adaptable nature contributes to positive working relationships.
Indonesian Maids Indonesian Maids
Indonesian maids are often preferred by families with older members who can communicate in basic Malay. Their nurturing abilities are renowned, particularly in caring for infants, children, and the elderly.
Direct Hiring of Maid Direct Hiring of Maid
At Zeal Care, we assist families who opt for direct hiring of maids through personal connections or recommendations. Our services ensure a smoother hiring process for those choosing this route.
Experience a truly hassle-free process from start to finish

For the most seamless and hassle-free hiring process, we highly recommend engaging a maid agency. As a trusted and experienced maid agency, we eliminate the uncertainties and expenses often associated with direct hires. With our comprehensive range of services, you can rest assured of a smooth and hassle-free journey from beginning to end.

Every maid in our database has undergone a meticulous selection process, including personal interviews and thorough background checks encompassing their work history, education background, and more. Additionally, we prioritize the well-being of your family by ensuring that all maids undergo health screenings before being added to our database.

Upon understanding your specific caregiving needs, we carefully screen and select candidates who align with your requirements. Selected maids undergo relevant training to equip them with the necessary skills to provide excellent care upon their arrival at your home.

At Zeal Care, we go beyond simply placing maids. Our dedicated and experienced consultants are committed to providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire employment period, ensuring that you receive the right assistance whenever you need it.

Experience a truly hassle-free and comprehensive service with Zeal Care, where your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

3 Steps To Hire A Trusted Maid
Step 1: Get in Touch
Reach out to us through convenient
channels such as WhatsApp, our
inquiry form, or by visiting one of our
two branches. We are readily available
to assist you.
Step 2: Consultation with a Sales Consultant
Engage in a conversation with our knowledgeable
and approachable staff. They will attentively assess
your unique caregiving requirements and offer
expert recommendations for domestic helpers who
are well-suited to your needs.
Step 3: Embark on Your Hiring Journey
Shift your focus to selecting the ideal domestic
helper while we take care of all the essential
paperwork and documentation. Leave the
administrative tasks to us, ensuring a smooth
and hassle-free process from start to finish.
Discover the perfect Maid for your family's needs
A capable domestic Maid who comprehends and satisfies your caregiving requirements can have a transformative
impact. Entrust us with making your search effortless and devoid of stress. Initiate your inquiry today and allow us to
assist you in finding the perfect domestic Maid who will make a significant difference for your family.