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Recruiting maids overseas
Professional maid training
Online video interview
Apply for overseas visa
Assistance with immigration procedures
Why choose us?
Zeal Care Black agency/maid
Maid residence status Long-term legal work visa illegal stay
Maid qualifications Certified university graduate none
Maid monthly salary 6,500 CNY 10,000+ CNY
intermediary commission none per month 2,000~3,000 CNY
stability 2-year work contract (renewable) none
background check Certified criminal record none
training 60 days of professional training in the Philippines none
Risk management
What should I do if the maid runs away? If the maid breaks the contract, she will be blacklisted by the Philippine government none
What is my risks? none
- The illegal maid may disappear any time. Employer’s financial and safety interest are not protected.
- Maids may collude with agencies and frequently change employers
Is the maid in good health condition? Standard health screening for foreigner work in China uncertain
Processing time Enter China and start working within 2 months after confirmation No standard process
Employer qualification requirements Need Chinese company issue working pass none
How it works?
Understand employer needs
Maid matching
Attend maid interview
Send maids to your house
After-sales return visit
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We aim to create a better experience when you are looking for helper
Zeal Care is the first online platform which provides helper agency service for employers in Singapore.