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This maid is amazing! In just 2 hours, she organized the house neatly. Thank you for your recommendation. Moreover, she has a great personality!Cheerful and smiling, and it brightens up the mood just to be around her.
Jolly Chu
This morning, I asked the maid to make me some breakfast. In less than 15 minutes, she prepared bread, tomato scrambled eggs, and sliced mango. Couldn't resist sharing the joy! Even my daughter likes her, and she willingly asked for a hug.
Helen Li Meijie
The maid received comprehensive training and showcases a caring demeanor, particularly in her interaction with my daughter. This maid agency is truly professional in their approach. Highly recommend their services.
Tan Kian Beng
The maid is quite good, with a nice attitude, good English, and she's proactive. In less than a week, she has already learned a lot of Chinese. I hope she keeps it up.
Jiang Xinyao
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